Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

Final Examination- "ASEAN Economic Comunity".

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

First, let’s thanks to God who has been giving us such blessing so wecan aftend and gather in this place. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing in front of you all to deliver my speech under the title

We often get information from media about populer issue in our country known as ASEAN Economic Comunity.
I am sure that there are still many people who have poor under. Standing about this issue, that’s why I want to talk about this populer issue.
The term of ASEAN Economic Comunity is moment when All of the Asean countries including Indonesia must be involues in sosial, economic, and cultural cooperation.
What is meant by sosial cooperation is all ASEAN countries including Indonesia have the same interest to actualize welfare and prosperity, beside all ASEAN countries agree to actuality and security in south East Asia. What is meant by economic cooperation is all asean countries including Indonesia agree to create market for products from Asean countries, it is intended to, this program growth for fur Asean countries, in  addition, this program can stimulate business organizers for Asean contries so that they have opportunity to develop their business. What is meant by cultural cooperation is all Asean countries have the same interest to perpetuale culture and local wisdom as great asset to increase economic growth for all ASEAN countries.
Besides, all asean countries agree to tight againts drungs traffiking and the act of terrorism.
So, in this case, Indonesia must be involved on competition with other ASEAN countries in order to win the competition then Indonesia people need to :
First, We need to apply the principle of Gotong Royong as Indonesia culture. With gotong royong we can gain success together without doing harm to others, it teacher us to develop togetherness and solidarity
Second, we have to be able to comunicate with foreign languages especialy english.
Third, we must have competence to apply technology because it is important. And last we must have high spirit to  worlehard.

I think that’s all I could say,
I Hope this speech can be useful for you.

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb 

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

Field Trips At Auditorium Untan

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

On May 9, 2017, when English economic subjects were replaced with field trips.
And this report visit expo education at Auditorium Untan:

Prodi representing from FKIP Untan this is Biology and Chemistry. On the stand also offers free blood tensi and check the blood type. The exhibits are chemical tools for practice, preserved animals and stored in small bottles like snakes. And I checked my blood type, initially I was afraid but said his friend sick kind of in ants bite, Finally I dared to check it out. And finally I figured out that my blood type "O". I am happy because I am the child's son of my parents.

In stand upt Bahasa, there are 5 languages available, that of japanese, korean, arabic, french and english. There are also display a books, namely Toefl ITP, TUTEP, Korean for beginners, Japanese beginner level, Short Story Anthology, Arabic Language Training. And also in UPT LANGUAGE also sell jenga or game. And also the guards there are very nice hehe.

First time in, the most prominent Amcor stands with a balloon inscribed AMCOR, the hanging flags and the dominating blue color. And also there are games that where later get a prize like book, pen, pin and others.

There is a display of trophy shirt and there are books on Islamic law there is also a judge hammer, a pender from the law faculty itself.

When I first entered in this stand I see the animals put in the tube, there are various animals in preserves there are rats, snakes, fish bones and there are also starfish. And and there is also a scorpion robot, the robot dog will move when we clap hands in front of the ropot. And , There is also a game who can get 10.000 pulse haha.

At Menwa Untan stand featuring 4 clothes worn by Menwa. The first clothing is dark green, this dress is worn also by the PM (Military Police). This dress is worn while escorting. The second dress is white, called Clothes Ceremony Service / PDU (Pakaian Dinas Harian). Used during ceremonial activities, such as the Dewa Natalis and graduation ceremonies. The third outfit is a slightly greenish brown, called Daily Dressed Service / PDH (Pakaian Dinas Harian). This outfit is used at the Menwa office. And last clothes dark brown dark green, called Field Office Clothing / PDL (Pakaian Dinas Lapangan).

There showcased frogs that have been preserved inserted into the tube, there are also traditional musical instruments, there are also hanging roots and others. And Her brothers are also very nice and friendly.

This is a photo at the time of the Expo Education:

That's all I can report from a field trip to the Expo of Education at the Tangerang Auditorium in the context of Dies Natalis Untan. If there are incomplete reports please forgive me. 

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byee ...

My future business "cafe business"

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

If I have to do business, then I will open a cafe business. Because this cafe business opportunity is a promising business opportunity because people or young people now like a place to relax. And surely you already know what Caffe? According to my personal cafe is a place to eat and drink as well as the restaurant, but the difference is the cafe is smaller than the restaurant and the food is provided not as complete as the restauran.
Cafe itself very easily we meet in the corners of the city, even most cafes become a gathering place for young children. Usually the food sold in the cafe is not too varied, as well as with drinks.
And I intend to "open a cafe business", With little capital, I need not hesitate or give up, I can set up a simple cafe as a beginner, Later if it is growing I can make a bigger branch.
If indeed I will try the cafe I will find a strategic place where the place among young people or can champion in circles around the campus or school, And I will also work with my friends who also want cafe business as well.

And I also intend to name the cafe is "RIZCAY CAFE" (haha) sounds weird name but that is my name haha. But it's okay his name also want to open a cafe business make me interested in the name of his cafe so many who come in my caffe haha.

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Sabtu, 29 April 2017

How to make Klepon

Assalamualaikum wr.wb
Hello, I suddenly want to klepon ya rather than buy that is not necessarily good for mending yourself. I asked this recipe with mother, thank you mother recipe klepon. I to know the ingredients and the steps of making klepon cake :

Ingredients :
1 Kg Glutinous rice flour
1 Kg Rice flour 
1 Liter water
½ sendok teh garam
1 piece of brown sugar, soft comb
Salt enough to be mixed in coconut
1 grated coconut
Steps for making klepon cake:
1.    Mix the glutinous rice flour and rice flour, water, salt and mix well.

2.    The finished dough is stirred
3.   brown sugar combed smooth for stuffing.

4.   Take a little dough, flatten, give a little brown sugar.

5.    Match and round shape resembles a ball.
6.    Cook water until boiling, dip the klepon balls, leave to mature and float.

7.    Lift, roll in salt-grated, salted grated coconut.

8.   klepon ready to be served.

I like klepon cakes from me small and my father likes klepon without coconut for some reason why I do not know either.

This photo klepon same water tebs who accompany me afternoon-afternoon on the terrace of the house all the azan waiting for magrib also hihi, delicious loh klepon made me from the recipe mother. I know the traditional klepon cake and everyone must know. Hihi

Good luck,  See you on my next blog, 
byeeee ...

Jumat, 14 April 2017

"workshop Husien"

assalamualaikum wr.wb

If you hear the word automotive uncertain in your mind bicycles, motorcycles and cars is not it ?. And Now I would interview someone who is an expert in automotive. Before I write more of this article, I will introduce his sources.

His name Husien or can be called up with the uncle cen. He is my dad. He has expertise in automotive, although out there many workshops but for me my father who knows everything in terms of bicycles, motorcycles and cars.

Saya : “Who the father's full name ?”
Ayah  : “Husien.”
Saya  : “Since when the father opened this business ?”
Ayah  : “1986.”
Saya  : “Of which the initial capital dad get to open this business ?”
Ayah  : “Once the initial capital of saving.”
Saya  : “Engaged in any kind of business dad ?”
Ayah  : “Automotive.”
Saya  : “Indeed, where the father had graduated from ?”
Ayah  : “STM.”
Saya  : “Do you currently have a father worker ?”
Ayah  : “There is now no, but there used to be two of the workers are where 2 of the father himself told them to open their own business.”
Saya  : “Is the father workshop crowded every day ?”

Ayah  : “is not like it used to be, right before we stayed on the edge of the road every day there are people who stop to justify motorcycles or cars damaged, yes now yes not as crowded as it used to be because it has been moved in the alley, only coming that friends , family and neighbors around.”

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Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

I can't not imagine life without flip flops

Hasil gambar untuk sandal jepit

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Maybe you've heard the familiar flip-flops. Flip-Flops is footwear that has been known since humans since the time of Ancient Egypt. In ancient times, Indian, Roman, Greek, and Japan also wore slipper. Flip-Flops in the United States called flip-flops, thongs, or beach slipper. After World War II, the US soldier carries a souvenir flip-flops. Japanese soldiers also made flip-flops made from old tires.

Flip-Flops are colorful sandals of rubber. Strap s;ipper shaped "V" connects the front and rear flip flops. The lower part is generally flat slipper, while the top of the sandal does not have a cover.

And if I live without flip-flops, my legs may have been destroyed or does not exist and my toenails off (lebay also yes up there, haha: D). because of it we walk barefoot or slippers when the course of broken, rocky, highway hot make our feet will hurt. So I am grateful to my existing life my toe sandals will not hurt me, hahah: D. Maybe that's all I can tell if life without slippers. Even after World War II flip-flops serve as a souvenir, hahah: D. Even the slippers are various models, colorful, even the price is also cheap to expensive though, but whatever expensive slipper you buy still wrote his place below for footwear and untu protect our feet.

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Rabu, 29 Maret 2017

Story On Tuesday, March 21,2017

Assalamualaikum wr.wb 

On Tuesday, coinciding dated March 21, 2017, at 09.30, subjects' English Economics "with lecturer named Miss Dini. As usual our room at the American Corner (AMCOR), located on the 2nd floor UPT.Perpustakaan. Me and friends My friend rushed to AMCOR got there I and friends had been sitting in the room AMCOR. My friend called agata efa informed via BBM (Blackberry massanger) that we would not use AMCOR space to study because the room will be used for other purposes. We were all out of AMCOR and wait downstairs, there were sitting on the stairs, there was a chair, and even a few who sit the floor while playing cell phone until the powdery pains bored waiting. hahaha :D 

At the moment we are waiting on that floor, our clayey a group of elementary school children (elementary school), and they were passing in front of me and the teacher was directing his students to use English and these students also answered by English fluently once ( hearts: cool new SD already English is cool. hahah:D)

Okay, forget the story above :D

long story short, when I got there, I saw a large map on the wall pictures and a collection of many books and a computer. After that, we entered the room like a theater. Miss Dini was ready there to teach us. we all gather DHK and Miss Early start learning.

Miss Dini assigned to us to choose the books that should be read and understood. Once understood, we must write the moral values contained in the story. I chose a book called "Crazy Cat and Fald Old Rat" which tells of a cat crazy and old rats. that is where the story came similar to the story of the tortoise and the hare.

the moral value of the story is: 
1. Do not be arrogant
2. ust have a tenacious spirit, diligent, work hard and never give      up. 

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